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Solve your difficulties with your staff is the engine that moves us


High Personnel Turnover?

According to data from the Society for Human Resource Management the direct costs associated with replacing an employee can be as high as 50 to 60 percent of an employee's annual salary.
It is possible to contain this reality and to reduce the personnel turnover rates that always have a negative impact on the profits of the Company.
Here is a Strategy

Low Motivation?

One of the main difficulties is to make each employee want to carry out the work for which he was hired and to renew the triggers that make his tasks interesting.
The risk of not knowing how to do it is to go back to times of control and submission.
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Lack of Leadership?

Assigning the wrong person the function of leading a group or a team, can stop the production line or stop providing quality services.
Leaders who made themselves persecute a personal interest unlike those that are born.
Detecting the leader that each situation requires is fundamental to flow towards the profits reducing the losses.
Here is a Strategy

Excessive Absenteeism?

Labor laws protect the worker, as it should be, after a history of surrenders and abuses by employers.
But, what to do when the employee uses his social and labor benefits excessively?
How to determine if it is really a breach of trust or not?
The most important thing: it can be anticipated, limited and diminished
Here is a Strategy

Accidents at Work?

Although it could be said that accidents can be avoided, the reality is that they happen and must be answered before them.SSThere are people who are more prone than others to suffer an accident (or accidents) ... and there are some who, knowing the system, do not have scruples to start up the legal gear for their own benefit.
It can be foreseen.
Here is a Strategy


This is a hidden violence phenomenon, not a manifest one, difficult to prove but as real as the number of unexpected and unexplained resignations that happen.
The work environment has very mixed characteristics in which people live and compete, which is why it is more common for there to happen that someone capable and useful for the company feels obliged to give up.
There are ways to detect, contain and even avoid this situation.
Here is a Strategy


Human Resources Re-engineering
1) Analysis of jobs
2) Analysis of employee profiles
3) Congruence analysis between job profiles and employee
4) Reuse of human resources in the area of ​​their maximum potential.

B.- Support to recruitment
1) Training of recruiters and managers
2) Analysis of the candidate's profile seeking consistency with the position's profile, to sustain the work done in the reengineering.
The Specialized Training that THINSCEN offers, provides...
⁘ Low Staff Turnover as this is solved during hiring process (Training and Support to HR) since not all can be developed in the same way in any area.
⁘ Effective Leadership and Motivation are also closely related, because good leadership requires motivational skills.
⁘ The majority of the absenteeism events, accidents at work and victimization by covert violence (mobbing) are resolved with an inclusive and integrative training that rescues the strengths of each individual so that he dares to be himself/herself and give the best of himself/herself to the company.
This is THINSCEN style training.

Our Company

We are a company dedicated to improve the performance of employees, discovering their human nature behind the mask imposed by their immediate needs.
Our main objective is to be able to contact the non-standardized human being, the real one, the one that sustains the professional or employee that is hired and who is the one who generates the conflicts, to be able to present to the company our exclusive report of Dynamic Strengths : The BESt Approach 3.0 .
At the end of the road, the greater understanding acquired and the development of the ability to resolve conflicts generate greater profits.
To achieve a deeper knowledge of your Human Resources ... Contract our THINSCEN services.



⁘ Reengineering to have the right person at the right place

⁘ Support to Human Resources area

⁘ Tailored programs for the empowerment of employees and teams

⁘ Conferences, courses and workshops

⁘ Inner Strengthening Coaching™ for employees and teams

⁘ Recruitment consulting with our own and exclusive Human Assessments for Human Beings, a set of non-standardized and non-psychometric tests

Our exclusive Dynamic Strengths Report...

THINSCEN - Services
⁘ Shows the Motivational Map of human talent already hired or by hiring
⁘ Strengthens the recruitment process to place the right person in the right place = earnings beyond what is expected
⁘ Allows each person to achieve their maximum natural potential and provide the best results and greater productivity in their function
⁘ Brings proven effectiveness for personal growth and improvement of the work performance of human talent

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Eng. Francisco Lizarraga Gallareta

Principal of Aberdeen Institute


The consultancy of Claudia Behn-Eschenburg helped to which teachers could: 
Recognize that personalities are different and that there are no better or worse ones
Have a greater empathy with the students 
Better work coexistence ---
Less staff turnover 
Reduce violence and bulling among students ---
Students happy with themselves.
The experience we have had with Claudia for more than 10 years has allowed us to continue with our educational commitment.

Alexis Pardo

Partner Director of IKL Support


The participation of Aníbal Santoro in our organization has allowed us to:
Appreciate the recruitment and selection of talent in a broader and more precise way in each of our companies,
... the results are reflected in the cohesion of the staff and in a lower personnel turnover

A different, innovative experience.


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