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ISC - Inner Strengthening Coaching®

Coaching is a conversational technique that, through powerful questions, accompanies the coachees in their process to reach their goals.

Inner Strengthening Coaching®, or ISC, is successful in its processes because it adapts the technique to the natural characteristics of the coachees, thanks to the detection of their unconscious motivations and their natural personality type.

To accomplish this purpose, it uses the innovative OntoPsyche® perspective as its main resource.

Discovering Your Professional Path

Coaching is a process in which people are accompanied in a process designed to discover their goals, achieve their objectives and promote their personal growth, moving them from a current position to a new desired position.

Professional Path refers to the path a person chooses for the development and fulfillment of their professional and/or personal life.

Our Professional Path Coaching, or PPC, includes a differentiating element, which is the exploration of the client's essential personality type with personalized interviews and testing, because each way of looking at life has different goals.

Courses for self-discovery and personal growth

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Your Essential Personality Profile

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Outsourcing for Human Resources Recruitment

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